Friday, May 26, 2006

A very confused skeptics circle

Oh Skeptico, how much fun it must be to have someone first smurf you and then make a blog with a similar name as well! Confused? Well so was I, but all the answers are in this weeks skeptics circle hosted by our good pal Skeptico and his...uhhh pet smurf.

As for me, things will be starting to change shortly although it will be after the weekend or so. I'm going away for a weekend to help move stuff around in a relatives house so I probably won't be available. After that, it's about time to move things along with my new blog I think :D

Friday, May 19, 2006

Carnival of the wee animacules

The latest edition of all things small and microbial has been posted at Aetiology. The carnival seems to be going into a monthly format now from it's previous bi-weekly one, which indicates that we need a few more regular hosts and those willing to submit entries. Make sure you let Tara (from Aetiology of course ;)) know if you want to submit something to the carnival or host a future edition.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Where am I?

As a couple of commenters have wondered where I've gone I'll give everyone a quick update as to what has happened. Basically, I'm making a new site and I've basically busy doing that at the moment. Stimulated by Ocellated who suggested going to a .com and going to word-press (which I've concluded I rather like), I've started to design and move most of the stuff on this blog to a new one. It's not done yet, partly because I suck at web-design and am more of less doing things by a random 'trial and error' process and I've had a bit of drama. For example having one of my teeth removed recently (long story) and been busy organising various other real life dramas (real life drama is the best kind I've found). So that's been a bit of distraction from my goal of making a much improved site that is a little 'my own' as opposed to 'generic template' style here.

Until then, I've been a little active on another blog I'm a co-contributor on, namely Limed for the Truth, which is a blog set up by members of the Penny Arcade community and has a wide array of different posts and topics. I recently re-wrote and updated an earlier piece I did on this blog discussing antibiotics over there if you're into that sort of thing. As for the exact future of this blog, it's probably going to be inactive shortly and this will probably be one of the last updates here. Once I've got my new blog up and functional I'll obviously be posting a link. Until then there won't be a lot of activity here except for the odd random post. I'll be posting more frequently (on similar topics) over on Limed for the Truth though. Including the importance of keeping your dental microbes in check, especially when you crack a tooth and don't go to your dentist until it's too late....

For reading in the mean-time, I would suggest having a look at the stony skeptics circle over at The Second Sight, which was posted a wee while ago (I've been on the net a bit sporadically as of late ;)). Additionally, tommorow there will be the carnival of the wee animacules at Aetiology if you're wanting some microbial goodness.

So the short and skinny of it all is that I'm making a new site and organising stuff in "real life" (whatever that is ;)). As I'm rather keen and interested in my new site, I've kind of relegated this one a wee bit while I work on there. If you want to know what I'm doing in the mean-time, I will be posting every so often over at Limed for the Truth. Oh and yes indeed Mr. Swift, I did take a bit of time to play some videogames ;) Gotta get them before I start my PhD and subsequently won't have the time to play them :D

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Still alive

Just a post to let you guys know that I'm still alive and trying to figure out what I'm wanting to do with the site. Unfortunately, with my graduation ceremony coming up in only a couple of days I've been a little busy handling that at the moment. I should probably have decided to attend the graduation ceremony back in december last year, but that would require the prompt return of the various paperwork involved. Unfortunately, while relocating to another part of the country it turns out that's not something that was particularly possible to do.

Normal blogging will resume eventually, but I've given up trying to make predictions on when exactly that is going to happen. :)