Monday, November 21, 2005

Amazon Reviews of Jack Thomsons book

I've seen some hillarious explosions on Amazon before, namely that whole incident featuring Anne Rice from a while back but this new hoopla over Jack Thomsons new book Out of Harms way really takes the cake. Out of Harms way supposedly investigates the link to all of societies evils like murders, rapes and the like and promptly blames them on the entertainment industry. J. Thomson has been known for his incredibly overdone statements about the effects of video games, calling certain games 'murder simulators'. As a general rule, he's basically annoyed the entire gaming community with his various antics. Now review section for the book has turned into an utter firestorm with numerous users ripping Jack Thomson a new one. Reviews like this, awarding the book one out of five stars are pretty common:

Short on facts, long on hyperbole, should appeal to Kansas bible thumpers
who don't let facts mar their self-created belief system. I honestly
couldn't finish the book, wait for it to go on sale at the $1 table at your
local surplus book store if you just have to take a look at it.

Another example awards the book 5 out of 5 but not for any of its literary qualities:
I highly recommend you purchase and read this book. If not, I have it on good
authority that Jack Thompson will sue you. And your family. And your
Speaking of suing, it turns out that ole Jack is already threatening to sue Amazon for allowing people to express their general dislike. He basically wants all of the negative reviews removed or he's going to sue them (though some of them can definitely be removed, while hillarious they are somewhat pointless and make no good point). Where this story will lead? Who knows I guess but it will be interesting to see if he actually does try to take Amazon on over this.