Thursday, September 22, 2005

Critic sticks its foot in it

The local student magazine around where I am is called Critic and today it looks to have thoughroughly managed to stick its foot in it. The article in question concerns the use of date rape drugs, namely what the particular drugs are and their various properties. While the article was probably either aimed at being some form of 'satire' or 'educational' it reads more like a 'how to' guide than anything else. In fact, the entire article, is really tasteless and I don't particularly feel adds anything in particular to the issue let alone being worth reading.

Of course, sure date rape drugs are generally pretty nasty things and everyone should be educated about them, focusing on these really misses the key culprit: Alcohol consumption. Alcohol is probably one of the most important factors in many rapes, because alcohol does a lot of funny things to the brain including dulling your ability to recognise objects (this is why people someone wouldn't consider attractive originally become more attractive). Over consumption of copious amounts of alcohol and then not watching your drink, enabling someone to slip things in, is a key factor in many rapes. Often, it's just the whole over consumption of alcohol thing that ends up being the most important part, especially as women may be more susceptible to the effects of alcohol than men.

Overall, the article is a tasteless pile of general idiocy and it makes me ashamed to say that it came from my Universities Student Magazine.