Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A lesson in plant biology

This is the story of a cactus, once the strongest and happiest cactus in all the lands. Unfortunately, his owner continually kept overwatering him and despite his poor cries of "no more water, I'm a desert adapted plant and I don't actually need to be watered every single day!" they went ignored and he was watered even more.*

Today, his fight against the inundating tides of water has claimed him, probably due to bacteria and other microorganisms getting in and rotting it from the inside out.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

RIP our spikey friend, RIP.

Incidently, the sign behind the cactus advises only watering during specific months when the cactus is growing. We had warned the person who owns said cactus not to water it continuously to no avail. Now a poor innocent cactus is dead. It's always the ones with no voice who become the victims and I see there is a clear need for an advertising campaign:


*Note, it is debatable if the cactus could at any point actually speak. I would say a definitive "maybe". The slight drooping of a spine could have been the silent cry for help that nobody noticed.