Thursday, December 22, 2005

A forgotten bet

Now that we've had our first test of ID in an actual courtroom, I think it is appropriate to bring up a little bet from William Dembski. In a reply to some commentary by Eugenie Scott and Glenn Branch, Dembski concludes his little tirade back in 2002 with the following:
Scott and Branch add, "... the sectarian orientation of ID renders it unsuitable for constitutional reasons."

Comment: They are herewith throwing down the gauntlet. I'll wager a bottle of single-malt scotch, should it ever go to trial whether ID may legitimately be taught in public school science curricula, that ID will pass all constitutional hurdles. To see why, check out the fine Utah Law Review article by David DeWolf et al. at

As we all know what the result of exactly this kind of trial was, can we assume that Dembski will be able to live by his own words and indeed pass a bottle of single-malt scotch to his opponents? After all, he's just been proven categorically (and disasterously) wrong on nearly every single point.

Incidentally, for the observant reader also note that most of the arguments presented in 2002 haven't altered even slightly from the arguments made these days. I guess even after 3 years of ID 'research' they still haven't gotten anywhere.