Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Spielberg drawing Jewish Crticism

Looks like Steven Spielberg has managed to annoy aspects of the Jewish community, with his new movie about the reprisals Mossad took against those believed to be behind the Munich seige.

Steven Spielberg's new film, "Munich," about Israel's reprisals for the slaying of its athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics, has not opened yet but already many Israelis are convinced that the world-famed creator of "Schindler's List" has missed the point.

Many veterans of Israeli spy agency Mossad are among those up in arms at the film Spielberg calls his "prayer for peace," even though it won't open in the United States until Dec. 23 and in Israel on January 26.

Personally, I happen to agree with Spielberg that taking an eye for an eye is not a suitable way of solving anything in many respects. You can call the systematic tracking down and then slaughtering of the individuals involed 'defence' to a degree, but in the end the reprisals probably created as many new terror threats as it did solve them. Nobody probably got anywhere as a result.