Saturday, February 04, 2006

Stop the Satanic puppets!

Some parents have taken an exception to a teacher introducing her elementory school classes to the opera 'Faust'. Although this is a rather dark opera, the responses by some of the parents are infinitely more disturbing than the events in faust particularly in their ignorance. From the first linked article:

"Any adult with common sense would not think that video was appropriate for a young person to see. I'm not sure it's appropriate for a high school student," Robby Warner said after two of her children saw the video.

Another parent, Casey Goodwin, said, "I think it glorifies Satan in some way."

Tresa Waggoner showed approximately 250 first-, second- and third-graders at Bennett Elementary portions of a 33-year-old series titled "Who's Afraid of Opera" a few weeks ago.

Oh dear, this certainly quite horrible indeed! Though I can't recall how 'Faust' would actually manage to 'glorify' Satan, considering the horrible price that the character Faust pays for selling his soul. It's certainly not a pleasant opera but glorifying 'Satan' is far from the point of it. Speaking of, let's have a look at the actual tape in question.
World famous Joan Sutherland and her three delightful puppet friends bring to life two great operas - Faust and Rigoletto in a special way that the whole family is sure to enjoy. Sutherland introduces her puppet audience to the story behind each opera and then performs their highlights in complete costume with elaborate sets. At key moments the Dame returns to her puppets to reveal more about the opera's plot. As Maguerite in Faust, Sutherland falls in love with someone who sold his soul for eternal youth and pleasure. In Rigoletto as Gilda, she is in love with the flirtatious and corrupt Duke of Mantua to the despair of her father, the court jester. Who says opera can't be enjoyed by kids?
Well, I'm glad to see that puppets have been continuing their time honored tradition of distorting childrens minds and leading them to Satan. Of course, I can't quite say what is supposed to be so offensive about a video starring puppets that is meant as an introduction to opera for children. Maybe it was the final climactic scene where the puppets engorged themselves on a Satanic high and had a blood orgy*. As for the teacher in question?

Waggoner, who is in her first year teaching vocal music in Bennett, said she doesn't expect to stay in town.

"I know I'm not accepted here, that I'm not welcome here by the parents," she said. "It's a very uncomfortable position."

Once again the refusal of a certain 'group' to open their minds and at least examine the source material involved results in everyone ending up miserable. At least the children seemed to end up getting something out of it.
"The biggest travesty is the childrens' education." When initially asked what they knew about the opera, she said, her students said, "fat women screaming," "people yelling in Viking hats," and "I hate it." After seeing the Faust video, "they got excited by opera, but now they associate it with a four letter word," Waggoner said.
Hmmm, well Satan is 'five' letters so I'm not quite sure if her twisting the children to devil worship has exactly bore out.

*May or may not have happened in the video.