Thursday, August 25, 2005

One scientist sees through the ruse

Anti-evolution groups like the Discovery Institute in America, like to compile lists of scientists that apparently 'disagree' with evolution. Apparently, this gives them some sort of credibility because rather than bother to do any actual science and publish in journals, the way anyone else proposes their new ideas to the scientific community, the DI thinks it can get away with propaganda and politics. We'll note here, that most of the scientists on the list don't have degrees in biology, making it about as useful as a list of biologists who think astronomy should give credence to the 'theories' in astronomy. Unfortunately, one of the members of their 'list' has realised the entire thing is a sham and has decided to have his name removed.
But I bring you Davidson's views because I suspect he is a bellwether for the Discovery Institute and intelligent design, as more scientists learn about them. He was attracted to an institute that embraced both science and religion, yet he found its critique of existing science wrong and its new theory empty.
The best thing about this article is the conclusion, which is just fantastic:

Science is about measuring things, and God is immeasurable, the pastor said.

"It just clicked with me that this whole movement is wrongheaded on all counts," Davidson said. "It's a misuse of science, and a misuse of religion.

"Why can't we just keep the two separate?"

That's a good question, especially coming from someone who believes strongly in both.

I wish this sort of common sense was used more often.