Monday, August 15, 2005

Twisting the truth about MeNZB

Scoop provides a moment of hillarity with this disclaimer about a talk Ron Law will be giving tommorow in Christchurch
Please note: Ron Law is not pursuing an anti-vaccination agenda, but rather is drawing the public’s attention to important information required to make a truly informed decision regarding the MeNZB™ vaccine. Ron’s presentation is solely about the MeNZB™ vaccine and meningococcal disease in New Zealand.
This is why he deliberately misrepresents scientific data? This is why he makes absurd claims that because the vaccine hasn't gone through a phase III trial it's untested and children are being used as medical experiments? Why he claims the vaccine has not been effective, yet the latest epidemiological data supports that notion?

His 'agenda' is certainly not easily described as an anti-vaccination agenda I guess. His agenda is clearly to lie about basic facts and manipulate the truth to try and hawk his [incorrect] point of view. I wouldn't call that an anti-vaccination agenda, I'd just call it lying.