Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Updating Germ Theory

Everything I've learned in microbiology is evidently a great atheistic materialistic lie and that I've been duped by the king of dupers Louis Pasteur! I'll let this site, that really should be used to teach the controversy as it emerges, that opened my eyes to the truth open yours!
Pasteur continued to adhere to the idea of Monomorphism, the belief that all microbes and bacteria have only one form. Beauchamp was able to prove, however, the existence of Pleomorphism, that microbes can alter their form to appear as different germs. This discovery was confirmed by many scientists that came after Beauchamp, including Gunther Enderlein.

In his experiments, Enderlein found that every living cell contains two distinct kinds of microorganisms called endobionts (which means "inside life"). These microorganisms live inside the cell and cannot be removed from it. They play an important role in cellular health. The state of a person's health is determined by the stage of development of these organisms. Enderlein found that all microbes that live permanently in our bodies go through three stages:

The Primitive Stage (microbe)
The Middle Stage (bacteria)
The End Stage (fungus)

Other scientists were later able to confirm that there was a fourth stage which occurs only after extreme toxicity in which the fungus goes through a transformation, mutating into the Virus.

It's so obvious!

[Note, the author of this post cannot be held accountable for any irony meters lost]