Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Evidence for his noodly designer

Thomas D. Schneider, Ph.D., who I am sure is going to become a leading ID proponent, has published an amazing experiment verifying the intelligent designer as the noodly one. The paper, covering the spontaneous appearance of Noodleous doubleous has appeared in the peer reviewed internet site As the author shows with a highly convincing set of experiments, the formation of these unusual double pasta lifeforms is so improbable it must be the work of an intelligent designer. Sadly, the lifeforms were consumed at the end of the experiment, but Schneider has promised future work to validate the exact mechanisms of how the flying spaghetti monster may be achieving the observed effect. The full paper is printed for free on the internet (no subscription required, like evilutionist journals) and may be read here: Origin of Noodleous doubleous.

PS: Irony meters may be required for viewing.