Monday, October 24, 2005

Rothschild pwnage

The prosecution lawyer Rothschild, came out with an excellent pwn (again) against Michael Behe at the Dover trial now that I've managed to find the time to slog through the transcripts. During a discussion on the origin of the flagellum, Behe was asked about the scientific dialogue concerning possible evolutionary pathways from the type III secretion system:
Q. Okay. But scientists, as they do with many
subjects on which there's disagreement, may continue to
be making arguments and writing papers and submitting
them to peer review journals and doing experiments to
see if they can come up with a consensus answer on the
A. Sure. And they may write books to try to come up
with an answer, too, as well.
Q. That's how you get the royalties, right?
A. (No response.)
ZING! I wonder what sort of look Behe gave...