Friday, October 14, 2005

A rare personal type post.

Finally completed the last of my main hurdles before the end of the year with my oral exams being finished today. Now I'll have plenty of time for blogging and other aspects of general internet fun. Of course it's time to start looking for a job, considering options for moving onto a PhD and importantly deciding if I want to go overseas for a bit. Although I would have liked to walk in the graduation ceremony in december I missed out due to being busy with other things (so forgot to submit the form, doh!). Oh well, the ceremony in may sounds more attractive anyway because all of my other friends who are still studying will be around to see me graduate.

Overall I've found my time at Otago University to be extremely enjoyable. I've learnt a lot in the four years I've spent there, and developed considerably as both a person and as a scientist. Additionally I've met a lot of great people along the way and made excellent friends. Sometimes things have become a little disconnected as I started originally trying to do multiple degrees (biochemistry and microbiology at first), which just unfortunately made for too much of a workload that certainly didn't help the old stress meter.