Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hydrogen bond angles and...cancer?

Occasionally alties throw out some really wierd things, but this just takes the cake I think:
Fifty years ago the hydrogen bond angle in water was 108° and you rarely heard of anyone with cancer. Today, it's only 104° and, as a result, cancer is an epidemic!! By using our machine you can increase the bond angle to 114° and, unlike any other water, doctors can see an immediate change in the red blood cells under a microscope! It's truly amazing!!
Hmmm, that certainly does sound convincing to me! Who would have thought that hydrogen bond angles would be the cause of all those pesky cancers. Who would have then guessed that someone had come up with a solution for it that you could easily pay for right now! Orac gives this little piece of nuttery the shake down over at his blog.

I wonder how people come up with this stuff though.