Monday, March 13, 2006

Amazing game of cricket

It's not every day when you see a game of cricket have over 400 runs hit in one innings, but when it does happen it's an incredibly amazing event. Of course, I have to concede that when it's Australia vs. pretty much anyone and you see Australia get 434, you don't really expect the other team to beat that. This naturally led to several Australian fans posting messages such as this one on the tonk blog (a part of the Sydney Morning Herald).

"Could there possibly be a hole deep enough for Smith by the end of that innings- We'll see now who chokes under the pressure of having to get 435 to win.

I predict the record for the greatest winning margin will also go tonight."

Unfortunately for this particular Australian cricket fan (Quin), he's going to look mighty silly because South Africa pulled off an absolute blinder to win the game. I could watch cricket like that any day, especially when Australia lose ;) I can tell you what though, I would not want to be a Mr. Lewis on his way back to Australia any time soon. The Australian media, which is in shell shock at the moment, is going to recover they are going to eat Lewis alive and Ricky Ponting (the Australian captain) is going to be dessert.