Monday, March 27, 2006

Oh the Onion

I love the Onion, which is so good at satire that sometimes people mistake articles from it for the real thing. Usually they manage to hit home on various points or just make a particularly funny joke. The latest edition has the following 'brief' about a chicken interviewed about having Bird Flu:
DILLON, SC—A chicken at Perdue Farms' Dillon plant downplayed reports of illness Tuesday, saying she was feeling much better. "I might have had a touch of some sort of flu, but I'm over my fever and keeping the ol' corn down. B'cawk!"
I suspect that the chicken wouldn't have even got past the first few sniffles with the current climate about bird flu. Speaking of bird flu now I think of it, if you haven't been to Effect Measure lately and read their excellent summary of two papers about bird flu and where it potentially binds onto human lung tissue, I would very much recommend doing so. It's very well written and much better reasoned than the mainstream news reports, which seem to always miss the key points.