Thursday, March 23, 2006

Canwest apologises

Canwest who own the TV station C4, which boldly decided to show the South Park episode "Bloody Mary" that offended just about every Catholic in New Zealand, has decided to apologise.

Broadcaster C4 says it is very sorry for any offence it caused by showing the controversial South Park Bloody Mary episode.

In a statement the broadcaster says the Standards Committee did not uphold any of the formal complaints it received about the show, which showed a statue of the Virgin Mary menstruating.

But C4 chief operating officer, Rick Freisen, sincerely apologised for any offence taken and said the broadcaster would not repeat the episode even though it is allowed to do so.

I'm so very convinced that they are being very sincere and that it isn't due to other factors like potential boycotts or similar. In any event I must pass my congradulations to C4, seeing as they've happily decided to donate whatever spine they may have had and I can assure you, spines are something that is hard to come by in the media these days. Maybe someone else can find a use for it.

[Note: No offence to our invertebrate masters is intended by this post]