Sunday, April 23, 2006

Oh dear

I had absolutely no idea that Dragon Quest VIII would be able to capture my attention so thoroughly since I bought it a week ago. I'm nearly finished with the game now, it's probably one of the longest games of its type I've ever played and so things will hopefully return to normal by monday. Well hopefully anyway, depends on how quickly I get through the last couple of dungeons :D

In future I think I shall remind myself to never buy a new RPG when I intend to do a large amount of blogging. It's usually not a very good idea for my overall productivity :p In any event, while I was effectively taken out by the charming nature of Dragon Quest VIII, I did get time to read an excellent paper in Nature Immunology by several Pandas Thumb posters. Essentially Andrea Bottaro, Matt Inlay and Nicholas Matzke clearly describe the devastating role that immunology played in the defeat of 'Intelligent design' in the Kitzmiller vs. Dover trial in december last year. Effectively the Nature Immunology paper gives a clear message of thanks to the many hundreds of scientists who actually do research into the evolutionary origins of the immune system (one of my key interests these days). Additionally, to give ID adovcates even more of a headache is this annotated bibliography of the 68 articles presented to Behe at the trial.

Finally, apologies to anyone looking forward to the posts outlined previously, but rest assured I haven't forgotten to do them and I'm certainly not forgetting about the blog. Just a tad distracted tis all ;)