Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Seguin Gazette-Enterprise articles have been updated!

Remember those articles from the Seguin Gazette-Enterprise that lambasted Dr. Pianka that disappeared? Well guess what, do a search on Dr. Pianka now and have a look at what the results are: they're back!

Update: Actually it appears the articles may not have been altered but instead have just been replaced. The April 2nd article from the Seguin Gazette-Daily does not appear to have survived and these are just other articles. I'm not sure if these have been updated as it appears that the reason for their disappearance has been explained thanks to the investigation undertaken by the Questionable Authority.
He was actually quite surprised to hear that the articles were not available online. Apparently, the company had directed that the transcript and the audio recording from the speech be removed because both were at least partially incomplete. That was apparently misunderstood, with the result being that all of the materials were removed. He has since gotten back in touch with the Gazette-Enterprise, and the articles are now back online.
Now everything makes sense. They were removed originally as the transcripts posted were incomplete at the companies request and now two of the articles (From april 4 and april 5) are back. The april 2nd article is still missing.

Further Update: Now the April 2nd article is back as well. Looks like it was just a mistake.