Tuesday, January 17, 2006

ACLU defending Christians

Although it is widely demonised by Americas religious right, the ACLU have often defended Christian interests in the US rather than supposedly 'attacking' Christianity (such as by getting rid of Intelligent Design from Dover schools). Some of the cases that the ACLU has taken in this vein can be seen on this website. One case in particular caught my eye because it was the ACLU defending the right of a Christian protestor to hold up a sign of an aborted fetus. He was arrested and his sign confiscated (temporarily) and now the ACLU are helping him take the officer in question to court. The most interesting comment in the piece was the final one from the ACLU legal director for the area:
"We may disagree with the sort of society Mr. Tatton would construct, but we support his right to say what he wants," Vasvari said.
I guess the ACLU isn't so oppressive after all (warning sarcasm detectors may be required).

[Originally spotted the link over at Dispatches from the Culture Wars]