Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dembski flops in...Kansas!

This is just great to read:

Dembski, who was both expansive and patient early in the question and answer period -- even allowing follow up questions -- became more combative, frequently interrupting questioners to ask them to get more quickly to the point, as it became clear that many in the audience, perhaps a majority, remained unconvinced.

One young woman, apparently frustrated by the apparent sophistry of Dembski's demand that evolution explain every single step in the evolution of bacterial flagella, while refusing to provide a similar step by step explanation of how intelligent design might have acted to create biological structures, repeatedly asked Dembski to cite physical data or observations that support intelligent design.

Looks like there is hope for Kansas after all! It must really sting for Dembski to go to a place like Kansas, where creationists are running rampant all over the school boards and is looking like the next place where a "Dover" ID trial will be had, to basically get hammered by the audience. Naturally, Red State Rabble has much more on this event.