Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Viral outbreaks

Come to Christchurch the garden city, for the sights, the sounds and stay for the sporadic viral outbreaks! Not to be out-done by hepatitis A, another virus has followed up that outbreak with a small one of its own:

Community and Public Health says Christchurch food premises have been involved in a series of norovirus outbreaks in the past week.

Although nothing particularly serious, it's an interesting pathogen as it's a virus that we didn't even know existed until relatively recently. Typically the virus just gives you one bad case of indegestion and diarrohea among other things. At the moment it appears that Christchurch has a knack for picking up outbreaks of various bugs.

[Note, the short posts at the moment are just because I'm writing something more substantial, so these are just me looking for quick fire tid-bits for something to post].