Thursday, January 05, 2006

Over in Dover

As other blogs have been reporting, the incompetent Dover school board policy that would have teachers read a disclaimer about evolution has been rescinded by the new school board. Additionally, one of the pro-science members was having his seat contested by a former pro-ID board member due to a problem with the voting machines. It appears that the pro-science board member has won the seat ensuring a clean sweep of the former ID supporting board members.

The lingering crowd at the Dover Area School Board meeting cheered and clapped when Dover science teacher Rob Eshbach spread the word that Bryan Rehm won a seat on the school board.

Someone called Eshbach on a cell phone to say Rehm received 373 votes to James Cashman's 280 during Tuesday's special election in Dover Township. When combined with totals from other precincts recorded during the Nov. 8 election, Rehm's total was 2,591 to Cashman's 2,523.

Although the margin he won by is somewhat disturbingly small, it is still a win and ensures that Dover is well and truly over. Mind you, if Kansas is anything to go by if nobody pays attention the kooks will be back in power, ready to hold kids education hostage again for their mistaken beliefs before anyone realises its too late.