Monday, July 04, 2005

Condoms and STDs part 2.

No sooner had I spoken the other day when I am sent a link to an article where groups are trying to trying to undermine the effectiveness of condoms against STDs. Of course, this is more politically rather than good common sense grounded muck from the abstinence campaigners, for example:
"The Medical Institute for Sexual Health’s board chairman, Dr. Tom Fitch, who has previously pushed FDA officials for label changes, said some STDs are much more easily spread than others. In addition, STDs such as herpes and human papilloma virus, or HPV, can be transmitted by contact with skin not covered by a condom."
As I discussed previously, some STDs do not require fluids to be passed from one person to another and genital warts (Herpes) is a classic example of that. Again, the solution to that is about education to try to reduce risky behaviours, not outright scare tactics and essentially manipulating the story to sound like all STDs are similarly effected. This doesn't change the fact the most common STDs (see the graph presented) are protected against by condoms if used properly, namely chlamydia and gonorrohea which are the two leading STDs in America. It's also worth noting that these are the same kind of 'abstinence only' groups that oppose the likes of making use of a vaccine against human papilloma virus, which can cause cervical cancer in extreme cases.

These people don't care about public health, or anyones health and merely wish to peddle their own beliefs onto everyone else. This is of course, all despite how much abstinence campaigns have been *demonstrated* to fail consistently at doing anything to reduce rates of sexual intercourse in teens.