Sunday, July 17, 2005

Creationists at it again

I love the Intelligent Design Movement, no matter what happens they find a novel way to bury themselves further. One of the numerous ID lawsuits in America going on right now has gotton a copy of a previous manuscript of the ID book "Of pandas and people". Unfortunately for the ID is a science charade, it looks like ID wasn't used originally in the book.

We'll let the quote speak for itself though:
Rothschild also brought forth several other examples of the foundation’s possible religious ties, including an early draft of the book, which in its infant stages was titled “Biology of Origins.”

The draft mentioned “creationism” frequently. But in the final copy of the book, after the title was changed, the word creationism was replaced with the phrase “intelligent design.”

Buell said the word creationism was a “placeholder term.” The definition of creationism changed to include a religious context after the draft was written, so the writers changed the word, he said.
It's amazing to me that people still take the ID movement seriously as being anything other than redressed up creationism. You can read the rest here but make sure you bring a fresh irony meter.