Thursday, July 07, 2005

Media see through the ID spin

Despite the best efforts of the discovery institute and other ID proponents, they are slowly being exposed for what they are and the media no longer buys their facade now.
"It's not about education or science, it's about politics," Uselton told The Associated Press during a group interview of teachers at the National Education Association's annual meeting. "That's the problem, and that's what we have a hard time separating out. Part of it doesn't have anything to do with the science being right or wrong."
As it can be seen the 'teach the controversy' curtain has begun to be pulled back but unlike in the Wizard of Oz, ID doesn't even have a little man behind it. What is there is small, furry and has a really long pink tail...

Speaking of rats, the article also contains the usual "scientists have signed something we put forward to earn us false credibility" nonsense creationists like to resort to. It's as if they treat science as some form of popularity contest.
"We want the scientific evidence for and against Darwin's theory taught. That's it," Chapman said. He said intelligent design is not sufficiently developed to be required teaching, but he points to more than 400 researchers who have signed onto a scientific dissent of Darwinism.
If we want to play like that, how about going to the National Center for Science Education sites own list of scientists that support evolution. The catch? They are only allowed to sign if they are called 'Steve' and already outnumbers the list that the ID proponents constantly harp about. Scientific 'dissent' indeed.