Thursday, July 21, 2005

The last bottle of V

V is stuff that, since around the first year of university, I've been drinking incessantly. It's basically a sugar loaded highly caffeinated soup of stuff that is designed you keep you awake. Unfortunately, however much fun it has been for this wonderful drink and myself, it's time to give it up because I'm wanting to drop the caffeine from my diet. It's not as if I have anything in particular against caffeine, why we've had some great moments together in the past. Money just isn't that plentify and a V habit is actually fairly expensive.

So it's finally time to kick the habit.

In any event, caffeine is one of those wonderful substances that I'm sure I'm going to miss, even if just a little bit. Like many drugs, it works on aspects of the brain, in this case by targeting adenosine receptors that interact with dopamine receptors (the brains reward chemical). The antagonism by the caffeine on the adenosine receptor causes an upsurge in neurotransmission of the dopamine receptor, which is probably what contributes to the buzz that you get out of caffeine.

In any event, heres goodbye to a good green friend...right after one last bottle ;)

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