Thursday, July 14, 2005

Solution to the anti-vaccination cranks

This just struck me as a brilliant idea.

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Thanks for the idea the parking lot is full! Even though you've been empty for several years, you still hold a warm place in my heart. In any event, I just watched the interview on close up (TV one earlier tonight) with the two women (one an immunologist from Christchurch hospital) and the other from the ministry of health ripping Ron Law (an anti-vaccination crank, who doesn't appear to have done any recent biomedical research) a new one. Although they did very well, it unfortunately just isn't enough for members of the public as the individuals near the end of the show demonstrated. Unfortunately, the anti-MeNZB rhetoric has really gotton through and cemented itself in some people here.

Sometimes you wonder why you fight the vast ignorance of these people and then I'm reminded that I've seen friends I know go down with this disease. Heck, I still remember about the student in my first year of University that died from Knox college of the disease. In many respects, anti-vaccine cranks as I mentioned earlier only exist as long as vaccines are working effectively enough to ensure these diseases aren't visible to the public at large at all.