Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Conclusions first and research second!

Over at pharyngula, PZ Meyers has posted an interesting comic featuring a common theme that most creationists/ID supporters seem to possess: Making their conclusions first and then deny any evidence to the contrary. This reminds me particularly of William Dembski when he was caught deliberately abusing a quote from Peter Ward to support his 'conclusion' that the Cambrian explosion is a problem for evolution (no matter what evidence comes up). I'm certain that years from now Dembski and the other ID proponents will still claim it's a problem, much like how they continually trot out things such as Haeckels embryos as being an example of modern evolutionary 'deceit' (even though it isn't).

Just another difference between proper science and what is ultimately theology dressed up to look like science.

Speaking of creationists and fun with quotes, here's an interesting post at the Pandas Thumb showing Behe clearly digging the quote mines.