Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Michael Jackson appears on toast!

So the esteemed BBC is reporting that Michael Jacksons visage has appeared on some toast as of late. Typically I love it when things like this occur because I know two things will end up happening. The first is that this is going to sell for a large amount of money, because the internet loves to buy curiosities at immensely odd prices. The second is that this will start a phenomena of celebrity toast appearances with the Virgin Mary . I imagine that perhaps other celebrities may be coming to a toaster near you! Who knows, maybe we could get the Toast of Turin or famous icons in history could make appearances in toast form such as Thomas Jefferson. The possibilities are truly endless.

Perhaps though there is more significance to this than we might first realise. As ID advocates such as William Dembski have demonstrated, such complex patterns are extremely unlikely to arrive by random processes (especially on toast). Could it be that toast images are the product of intelligent design? It could definitely be proposed that toast images are more than they first appear. Maybe they are messages from a higher plane of existence. One that communicates almost exclusively in toast and are trying to communicate with us. I believe that perhaps we should get William Dembski and others in the ID movement to help explain, using the explanatory filter of course, if the toast is an example of intelligent toast designers communicating with us?

Perhaps there really is a scientific theory of ID? The scientific theory of toast images! I leave it up to you to mull over the incredible ramifications of this new and daring hypothesis made possible only by ID.