Friday, June 10, 2005

Year of the Zodiac (and stuff)

Although I don't really take much of an interest in astrology, zodiac signs and other such quackery, I did notice the description of the 'boar' that is supposedly my zodiac sign:
People born in the Year of the Pig are chivalrous and gallant. Whatever they do, they do with all their strength. For Boar Year people, there is no left or right and there is no retreat. They have tremendous fortitude and great honesty. They don’t make many friends but they make them for life, and anyone having a Boar Year friend is fortunate for they are extremely loyal. They don’t talk much but have a great thirst for knowledge. They study a great deal and are generally well informed. Boar people are quick tempered; yet they hate arguments and quarreling. They are kind to their loved ones. No matter how bad problems seem to be, Boar people try to work them out, honestly if sometimes impulsively. They are most compatible with Rabbits and Sheep.
Well, it's accurate in some ways but I love arguing with nearly everyone and anyone. I'm always amazed though at how seriously some people take this sort of thing however, even if it sometimes rings somewhat true. Got to put your faith in something I suppose.